Laser Align

Laser Align is the first minigame Puzzop Games is developing. You start with a 2D roughly 10x10 grid. On this grid you have laser turrets, obstacles, mirrors and goals randomly placed. There are 4 different colors of lasers: Red, Blue, Green Yellow. The only input players have is to rotate all lasers of their color 45 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise. All turrets of a color rotate at once and all face the same direction.

There are goals around the map which when 2 lasers of the correct colors hit them they will activate. They always stay activated. Players must activate all goals to win the game.

To add more complexity there are mirrors that reflect lasers and obstacles that block lasers. There are also lasers that are activated by other lasers. For example there may be a green laser that only becomes useable when a red laser is focused on it. This means players must communicate and work together to get the correct lasers activated so that the goals can be completed.

This game will be ready for playtesting this weekend. You can sign up to playtest here

You can also see ongoing design and development on Puzzop’s Twitch