Welcome to Puzzop Games!

Welcome to Puzzop Games! An amalgamation of Puzzle and Cooperative. We’re building puzzle games that bring you and your friends together.

These games are similar to escape rooms or brain teaser puzzles, with a little more interaction. They require coordination and cooperation to solve. They are played on one screen with everyone using their phones as their controller, similar to Jackbox Games.

We’re currently in private alpha and running playtests with many small groups of puzzle lovers every week. We want to work close with the community to gather lots of feedback and iterate and improve over time.

These playtest sessions are conducted over Zoom and there will be high score lists for you and your friends to compete to be the best team of the week. We’re aiming to release a new game every week.

If this sounds exciting to you, sign up to our mailing list and we’ll let you know when new playtesting sessions are available.