Laser Align Released

Laser Align has been released to the world! You can play it here.

If you want to learn how to play or have questions or confusions about the game, check out the laser align page in the games section of this site.

If you have no idea what Laser Align is have a read of the initial announcement post.

This is the final release of Laser Align and no more updates will be made. It’s an ethos of Puzzop that we never go back and update old minigames, instead we try to batch up improvements and ideas and publish a V2 of the game. This way we’re not spending a lot of time tweaking the past and investing that time into making a new awesome game every week.


We had two playtesting sessions and in those sessions we gained a lot of insight into how the game UI could be improved. The following changes were made:

  • A Grid coordinate system was added so it’s easy to explain goals or turrets to your friends when playing virtually.
  • A win screen was added, so you actually know when you’ve won.
  • Buttons to choose the map size and difficulty were added.
  • A Start Game button was added to the host so you can play in singleplayer mode if you like.

Closing Thoughts#

Thanks everyone that joined me on stream and playtested the game! It was a lot of fun and a pretty successful first ever game for Puzzop. I’m excited about making more!