Code Breaker Released

Code Breaker has been released to the world! You can play it here.

If you want to learn how to play or have questions or confusions about the game, check out the code breaker page in the games section of this site.

If you have no idea what Code Breaker is have a read of the initial announcement post.

This is the final release of Code Breaker and no more updates will be made. It’s an ethos of Puzzop that we never go back and update old minigames, instead we try to batch up improvements and ideas and publish a V2 of the game. This way we’re not spending a lot of time tweaking the past and investing that time into making a new awesome game every week.


We had two playtesting sessions and in those sessions discovered that the intial gameplay and feedback was too complicated and it would be better if it was simplified. The following changes were made:

  • Previously the game had yellow/orange/red lights for the whole code where they would say “One of these tiles is similar to one of the tiles in the code”. Now the lights are changed so they corrospond to each tile. So the first light is how closesly the first guess tile relates to the first tile in the code, second light is for second tile etc. This means you can work on solving each tile individually rather than the entire tile at once.
  • Added explainer in the bottom right that lets players know what each light color means.
  • Fixed bug where the game wasn’t loading on iOS devices.

The other positive feedback was that this game felt a lot more cooperative. In that everyone had to talk and work together to solve the code, while in laser align if one player was more experienced they could just tell everyone else what to do. I’m going to focus on ensuring games need all players to contribute to solving them in the future.

Closing Thoughts#

Thanks for all the feedback for the game! This took a little longer than expected because of Networking issues and life getting in the road, but I’m glad it’s out there and playable now. Looking forward to making more Puzzle games like this in the ftuure.